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If you have changed your email or mailing address please let the office know. Thank you.

Christmas Eve Services
St. Thomas 7:30pm and 11pm
St. Ambrose 9pm
St. James 4:30pm
St. Mary Magdalene (at Knox United) 4pm

Christmas Day Services
St. Thomas 11am

Online Bible Study
There will be an online Bible Study offered as well on Mondays from 11am-12pm (Exodus) and 1-3pm (The Gospels) starting Sept. 16th. Renowned Bible Scholar Linda Langdon will be hosting. If interested please contact Linda at 705-476-0791 or email at for more info on how to connect.

St. Ambrose

Four and Twenty Blackbirds Christmas Concert is being held at St. Ambrose on December 15th at 1:30pm. This is Ruth Cassie’s children’s group please come out and support the children.

Winter Pantry
The Winter Pantry mission begins a new season in October. Please pray and give thanks for all who give of their time and of their hearts to support those who live with food insecurity in our area.

The ACW at St. Ambrose are collecting donations for bed kits for Sleeping Children around the world. Each kit is $35.00. Please make your cheque payable to SCAW. It can be given to an ACW member or dropped into box provided at the church. A receipt will come from SCAW Corporation directly to donor. Thank you.

St. James

Please join us for our summer Sunday services at 9am including Thanksgiving at 4:30pm and Christmas Eve at 4:30pm.

St. John

St. John's Fox Point - In the fall of 2019, the congregation voted to close this historic building. However, the people themselves are invited to attend their "brother" church, St. James Port Cunnington. There will be no Christmas Eve service in 2019 at St. John's.

St. Mary Magdalene

Thank you
Many thanks to Knox United for the use of their sanctuary at this time. All services for St. Mary Magdalene’s will take place at Knox United at 1pm until further notice. The central office for St. Mary Magdalene is St. Thomas’ in Bracebridge. Please feel free to call 705-645-3486.

St. Thomas

Church calendars
Church calendars are now available for 2020 at $5.00 each. 2020 Agendas are here and are on sale for $5.00 each, see Rev. Kelly for yours.

Messy Church
Our Messy Church Christmas Party will be held on December 14th at 10am at St. Thomas. We are looking for donations of new, unwrapped gifts for ages 1-14 for this event. You could also make a designated financial offering via the collection plate, or purchase a Fundscrip card for our Messy Church leadership team to do the shopping for the party. Our Messy Church party is always a hit, and much appreciated by the children and their families. Please have your donation in by December 1st. Thank you!!

New Bible Study
Women In The Bible is being held on Monday nights at 7pm here at St. Thomas’. For more info please call Catherine at 646-0537.

Bible Study
Rob and Connie Knighton’s bible study is on Thursday nights at 7pm at their residence. All Are welcome.

Rev. Kelly’s Bible Study
Rev. Kelly’s Bible Study started September 13th at 11am in Browning Hall and we will be studying Revelations.

If you are a newcomer to St. Thomas. WELCOME!! Please join us for fellowship after the 11am service in Browning Hall. If you wish to give your address, email address and phone number so that we can add you to our Parish List, please place this on the offering plate or give it to Rev. Kelly. Thank you.

Christian Meditiation
Christian Meditation is held at St. Thomas every Monday from 3:30pm till 4:30pm. All Welcome.

You only have to donate the time it takes to buy the cards!! We all eat, we all buy groceries, we all have birthday, and we all buy gas. So why not buy your groceries with pre-paid cards for YIGS or Food Basics? You can get them right here at the church on Sunday mornings after the service or in the office during the week. This is one way that we can all contribute to fundraising here at St. Thomas’!

We now have Tim Horton’s cards in denominations of $15 or $25 dollars! Please see Tracy during office hours or Catherine Thompson and Mary Mitchell after Sunday service in Browning Hall. Doing a big spring home renovation? We have Home Depot cards too!


Altar Guild - is in the greatest need of assistance!

Garden Group - Volunteers welcome for spring through autumn seasons; help when you can, call Tracy at 705-645-3486 for more details.

Projectionist - positions available for the 11am service on Sundays; rotation basis

Sunday Coffee Hour Hosts - greatly needed for the fourth Sunday of each month

Sympathy Teas - a great need for volunteers to bake at home or set up or serve or clean up. If you think you would be able to help in any capacity, please call the Church office at 705-645-3486.


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