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How to Give

To enable us to pay the running costs of our building, afford the necessary church services, and increase our service to the community, we would be grateful for any contributions to our church.
  Givings are vital to St. Thomas’ continued work in the parish, community, and in the wider world.  You can give to God’s work through St. Thomas’ Church on a regular basis, occasional basis or through a bequest by specifying an amount in your will.

Offering Envelopes and The Electronic Offering Program
All contributions are welcome, but like any organization, it is helpful to know our regular income in order to plan for our expenditures.  Therefore, we encourage you to set up a regular monthly contribution.  You can either request offering envelopes or sign up for the electronic offering program (EOP).  The offering envelopes provide a weekly envelope with a number assigned to you for tax receipt purposes.  Receipts are also issued when you give through EOP, but with this method, the amount you decide to give is automatically deducted from your bank account once per month.  Envelopes work well for those who are able to attend services frequently and for whom it is spiritually meaningful to place something on the offering plate.  Some who give through EOP attend regularly too, but EOP is also a good option for those who may be away from Bracebridge for certain times of the year, or for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend a service on a weekly basis.
To request offering envelopes, please contact
To print an EOP registration form, click here

Gifts or Bequests
If “money is tight” why not think about leaving the church a legacy in your will?  Gifts or bequests may be directed toward St. Thomas’ general running costs, or designated to specific funds such as the Capital Fund (building maintenance and upgrades) or the New Initiatives Fund which focuses on youth and creative ministries.


Do you know that feeling when you give a gift and you see the delight on the recipient’s face?  It makes you happy!  Well, a gift to the church will bring you the same sense of happiness.  We smile.  God smiles.  You smile.

Thank you for your support!



Making a donation is simple!

A donor:

• chooses a charity

identifies any special requests associated with that gift (memorial designations, specific project requests, frequency of gift, Gift Card, etc.)

• begins the checkout (or payment) process.

Once the donation is paid for, the donor receives an immediate and secure PDF tax receipt, issued and sent by CanadaHelps via e-mail. CanadaHelps disburses the funds (less a 3% transaction fee) to the designated charity, in the manner the donor specified at checkout.


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