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Rector - Vacant...

The Rev. Barbara Graham

Barbara was born in England where she trained as a State and Sick Children's Registered Nurse. She came to Canada to nurse in 1955 and met a theology student in Saskatoon who became a missionary priest in the Diocese of the Arctic, where they married and had three children. Due to his health problems, they came south to Ontario in 1975 where he was Rector of the Milford Bay, Port Carling, Mortimer's Point and Beaumaris churches, and later Archdeacon of Muskoka. He retired to Bracebridge in 1988 and died in August 1991. Barbara was a Parochial and Diocesan Layreader. After completing an A.Th. and B.Th. from Thorneloe University, she was invited by the Bishop to become a Vocational Deacon and was ordained in 2004. Barbara continues to serve her Lord at St. Thomas', the local hospital, Fenbrook Federal Institution, and as Muskoka Deanery Warden of Layreaders.

The Rev. Barbara Nangle
Honorary Assistant

Caroline Sokoloski
Human Resources and Volunteer Screening

Peter May
Rector's Warden

Tracy May &
Cathy Taylor
Office Administrators

Peter May


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